The Senior Year


Navigating through an exciting year
It’s the final year of high school. Whether you’re a parent or a senior, this is a year of transition. It is a milestone.


With graduation just around the corner, there are many important decisions to make: college, work, living arrangements, and transportation. The future is bright, and getting through that last year of school can be wonderful, frustrating and emotional.


Parents and seniors experience the transition in different ways, but they all have two things in common, challenging decisions and the need for information. “Why didn’t anyone tell me these things?” is a common mantra among parents and seniors.


Your guide through the magic and the mystery
Senior year is a huge milestone for all students. The year will fly by. The best advice we have for parents and seniors is to be prepared. Get informed. Communicate with the school. Communicate with each other.


This section will bring some perspective, help you get organized, and offer some ideas for enjoying this magical year. It will help guide you through the decisions, deadlines and dilemmas related to a productive and happy senior year.


We wish you parents and you seniors the best of luck!